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How do the appointments work?

If you’d like to turn on appointment functionality, go to your Widget option, click “settings on the top right part of your interface, and then click “edit” for the general settings and turn on “Appointment Scheduler” and if you have a URL in the “Thank you page URL” please remove it.

Once you have done this you’ll need to go to each of your locations and set their “Appointment Hours”. This can be different than your Operating Hours. Your Operating Hours is a quick line that gets included in your out going quotes, your Appointment Hours are the timeframes that your customers can book.

This means if you’re open from 10AM-7PM for example, you can have those hours say 10AM-6PM to make sure people don’t book for 6:45 with an hour long repair.

A customer will go through the quote tool like normal but then get the option to book a repair immediately afterward on the same page. Once you have set this up we recommend you test it out to see the functionality firsthand.