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How do I update my prices?

Please watch the following short video.

  • The pricing sheet works in a grid format and you can edit individual repair/price combinations here. 
  • You can use the options at the top to sort the specific devices that you’re looking at:

  • This may be helpful for editing individual repairs, HOWEVER if you want to edit in bulk we do recommend you click the “export” button in the top right corner of the interface, and you will be able to edit a CSV on your side, and that will hopefully make it much easier for you to edit multiple prices at once. 
  • Only the repairs that are “active” on the widget will be editable in the CSV, while the “pricing” view in the widget may include all types of repairs regardless of whether they’re active for that specific device or not.
  • When you are done editing your prices, just save the sheet as a CSV again and import it back into the location you are editing. If you have multiple locations that all have the same prices, you should select the “import to all locations” option.
  • Do NOT put any currency signs into your CSV – if you do that then the import will not function for that cell.