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Attachments Made Easy in Conversations

Option 1: Automatic Media Library Uploads (Email and SMS Composer)

  • Managing attachments has never been easier. With our new feature, users can directly upload large-sized attachments from their devices. What’s more, all files in SMS and those exceeding the email attachment limit (20MB) will be seamlessly and automatically uploaded to the media library. These attachments will be added as media library links, simplifying the process and ensuring that nothing gets left behind.

Option 2: Attachment Choice

  • With this feature, users now have the freedom to decide whether they want to upload attachments via their device or the media library.

Option 3: Interactive Video Thumbnails

  • Emails should engage, captivate, and leave a lasting impact. That’s why we’ve gone a step further by automatically generating gif thumbnails for videos uploaded through the media library. This enhancement makes your emails more visually appealing, interactive, and engaging.
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