DigiRep Frequently Asked Questions


How do I follow up with my leads?

Using the Inbox feature! This should be available in the top left corner of your dashboard. To see how to best utilize your Inbox please watch this short video!

How do I connect my Google Business Profile and Facebook pages with my Inbox?

  • Log in to your Dashboard, open up your Inbox tab, and then go to Settings > Integrations and follow the instructions for each platform that you wish to connect!
  • If you have multiple locations make sure to then connect your GBP and FB pages with the corresponding listings in your Inbox!


How do I see my leads?

You can simply navigate to the “Leads” option on the left to see a full list of all of your leads that come in! Each lead submission will have their:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Contact style that they requested (text, email, or phone call)
  • Model
  • Repair requested
  • Location selected
  • The outgoing message that they were sent (if SMS or Email)
  • Their comments
  • Status of the lead (which you can edit) 
  • Date and time of the submission.

We do recommend that you use the Inbox feature to communicate with leads as they come in but this allows you to export all of your lead data with the included information whenever you’d like with the “export” button in the top right corner of the interface!

Repairs and Devices

How do I edit repairs for categories or models?

Please watch this short video! 

How do I add a repair I don’t see available?

Please watch this short video! 

How do I edit the devices shown? 

If you simply want to prune down the list of options that are available, all you need to do is uncheck the check mark in the “widget” section for each category of devices or individual models that you don’t want to show! 

If you want to add devices please refer to this video!

How can I add a new device category, series, or model that I don’t see here?

Please watch this short video! 

How can I add new device models for categories that you already have? 

We typically add new models within a month or so of their release, but if you do not see some models for a category that we already have please let us know! To learn more about enabling those models on your widget please watch this video!

Can I remove the “pick your model” step for some types of devices and go straight to the quote step?

Please watch this short video! 

Can I change the image shown for a repair type?

Yes you can! You can navigate to Repairs on the left side and edit any repair’s image. However, we do generally recommend using a very standardized approach across all repair types.

Overall Widget Settings

How can I add another language?

Please watch the following short video! 

How can I change my Widget’s colors?

Go to your widget and click the “settings” button on the top right of your interface. Once in there, you can see “widget colors and background”, click the pencil icon to the right side of that to edit your widget’s color theme.

How can I show the map of my locations on the front-end?

Please watch the following short video! 

Can I show prices before people submit for a quote?

Yes, you just need to go to your “widget” option and click “settings” on the top right of your interface. You can then select the general settings and choose to show prices on the front end. 

  • Please keep in mind that this will reduce your submission rate, and it will display “varies” whenever you don’t have the price filled out on your end! 
  • If you have different pricing for each location you will also need to “reverse locations and repairs” which is an option right below the option to show prices on the front end! 

How do the appointments work?

Written answer, update location “appointment hours” and remove the TY Page URL and if we’re running ads for you please let us know! We may need to reconfigure a conversion action for you! 

Location Settings

How can I change my location’s information?

Simply navigate to the “Locations” section in your dashboard and click the pencil icon on the right side of the location you wish to edit. Most of the settings are pretty straightforward but please let us know if you have questions about any of the fields! 

How do I add a location?

  • Simply click the “New Location” button in the Locations section and fill out all of the required fields. You may be prompted to increase your monthly subscription as each location costs an additional $29.99/month! Once you’ve filled out the information it may take an hour or two to show up on the front-end while our system verifies payment and creates your Inbox configuration. 
  • When creating a new location there is going to be a “import pricing” option that will allow you to copy the pricing from one of your other locations. We highly recommend doing this to give you a headstart on setting up your prices! 

How can I remove a location?

Go to your “Locations” section in the dashboard and click into whatever location you’d like to remove and mark it as “inactive”. If you’d like to permanently remove a location from the widget you can click the trash can on the right side of the location.


How do I update my prices?

You can refer to the following video or read on below!

  • The pricing sheet works in a grid format and you can edit individual repair/price combinations here. 
  • You can use the options at the top to sort the specific devices that you’re looking at:
  • This may be helpful for editing individual repairs, HOWEVER if you want to edit in bulk we do recommend you click the “export” button in the top right corner of the interface, and you will be able to edit a CSV on your side, and that will hopefully make it much easier for you to edit multiple prices at once. 
  • Only the repairs that are “active” on the widget will be editable in the CSV, while the “pricing” view in the widget may include all types of repairs regardless of whether they’re active for that specific device or not.
  • When you are done editing your prices, just save the sheet as a CSV again and import it back into the location you are editing. If you have multiple locations that all have the same prices, you should select the “import to all locations” option!
  • Do NOT put any currency signs into your CSV – if you do that then the import will not function for that cell.


How can I add other users to the dashboard?

  • Navigate to “Employees” on the left side and click “New Employee” in the top right corner of your interface. You’ll be able to give them a name, email, and password as well as decide what they have access to! 
  • We generally recommend giving employees access to Leads and Widgets if you want them to contact potential customers and edit prices on your behalf.


How do I edit the instant quote message information that is being sent out? 

Please watch this short video!


I might have found a bug, how do I report it? 

Please use the Support Center button at the top of your interface! When you submit an issue it goes directly to our team so we can work on it ASAP.

Can I talk with other widget users about how to best utilize it? 

Yes you can, please join our Facebook User Group