Important changes coming to your digirep subscription

Posted On: February 27th, 2024


  • Go High Level Integration is HERE – Upgrade to this plan to get the following features
    • Central inbox
    • Ability to connect AI to talk to leads on your behalf
    • Lead tracking & opportunity pipeline
    • Phone call trackin
    • Website builder
    • Reputation management
    • & more
    • FREE GHL account included in the upgrade 
  • DigiRep Native Inbox
    • We have built a native inbox inside DigiRep to replace birdeye
    • Launching in March.
  • Moving forward with Birdeye inbox:
    • Birdeye has significant development limitations – We cannot connect AI chatbots to birdeye OR easily move lead data to your other systems. 
    • We recommend upgrading to the GHL integration or using DigiRep native inbox to maximize future features.
    • We will NOT be removing birdeye from your package if you want to keep it for the foreseeable future
  • Adjustments to your subscription
    • DigiRep has been operating at a 6-Figure/year loss since inception. We need to increase our price in order to continue delivering more features to automate your business. As per our previous emails this price adjustment will take effect on March 1:
    • Base price is increasing to $59/mo per location
      • This will be for both birdeye inboxes and DigiRep Native inboxes
      • DigiRep will continue to cover your SMS usage fees included in the $59
    • Go-High-Level integration is $89/mo per location
      • Includes integration between online quoting tools & Go High Level
      • Includes FREE GHL sub account for each location
      • Usage fees will be billed separately
      • RL will pass on the minimum usage mark-up offered by GHL (0.05% over twilio costs)

We sincerely value you as a user and understand this pricing adjustment may not be ideal, however we appreciate you understanding that in order to continue giving you these tools we need to be able to cover our costs. If you have any concerns about this update please reach out to us directly at

If you upgrade to GHL integration your total cost will be $89/mo. No additional DigiRep subscription fee will be charged.